What´s new for next winter?

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winter 2019

What´s new for next winter?
What´s new for next winter?

Hi everyone!!

First I need to apologize for all these days without post here. But I was traveling to Brazil and when I got back to US I had so many things to do, like plan my next fashion college to attend (yes, that will be amazing!) and still this week I will make a post about the best fashion colleges in the world and why you should choose them).

However, let´s go straight to the point: What´s for the next winter?

When I think about next winter, right away I think about colors, the 1960s mixed with the 1980´s but a little bit of the 1990´s too, this made me somewhat confused when I was looking into the trends, but then I though that it would be the perfect season to wear everything that I like in the same outfit!

The outfits will be still very comfortable and obviously as every winter, we will see many animals’ prints, but this season the Leopard print will be necessary.

I always think that fashion must be about your personality, but in order to be fashionable sometimes it is cool to check what is going on in the industry. Thinking about this and after look into the main fashion shows for the next season, I made my choices and I´m going to share with you.

  • The 1960s

You probably already looked into your mom or grandma´s old pictures and though that it was really cool the way they used to wear. From the debut of the mini skirt to mod-inspired styles, the 1960s were known for breaking fashion traditions. The early sixties were more conservative, but the late 60s were exact the opposite! In addition, this makes the 1960s very attractive to all the designers’ eyes even nowadays. Who never thought about to someday dress like Cher (Alicia Silverstone) in Clueless? Now it´s time to make this dream come true! Checks came in all variations and style this season.

For the next winter we are going to see a lot of mini dresses, skirts and capes, this means that you can even go into your grandma´s closet and ask her about to borrow a few stuff!


  • Eighties jackets

Last season I saw a lot of my friends wearing the same 80s jeans jacket, that was very nostalgic once that when I was a little girl my mom still used to love her eighties jackets. This season we are going to keep our big jeans jacket but not just the jeans one is going to be a trendy, but all the jackets are going to be very big and inspired in our mom´s style! And I love to just have a big jacket to wear with a basic outfit and sneakers, it is definitely very comfy and modern!


  • Pajama Dressing

One of the best things that they brought from the past to the next season is the pajama style. But this time it’s not just about pajama´s prints and sets, but a lot of velvet fabrics and dresses that look like nightgowns, and I’m not talking about wear this style just at evening events, that’s going to be totally fine to wear during the daytime! Wow, I am already so in love with this such a fancy style season! Lol


  • Padded jackets

I always get so excited when padded jackets are trendy in winter seasons, there is nothing more comfy and cozy to wear, not to mention that it always makes any outfit very classy.


  • Eighties shoulders

Everytime I see any supersizing shoulders in jackets and dresses right away I remember about BALMAIN. So we can say that this season it is definitely Balmain season!



Finally fashion is going green! I confess that I prayed a lot in order to someday the fashion industry stop to use real fur to make clothes. Seems that God listened my prayers and real fur is being consider something old and unfashionable. This winter is all about fake fur, and most part of the designers already said that they are stopping with real fur and thinking about the environment as well when designing their collections.


  • Hippie

It´s hippie time! Patchwork, patterns and textures mixed and much more. It´s always fun when fashion brings the hippie culture back to our days, who doesn’t love to wear so many colors in the same outfit and still looks modern and cool?


So those were my choices for the next season. What about you?




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