Fashion and the Hijab

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Why do women wear the Hijab?

Fashion and the Hijab
Fashion and the Hijab

Good evening from Indonesia!

Jakarta – Indonesia

As many of you know, I am Brazilian but I live between United States and Indonesia, and it’s been two weeks that I’ve arrived here in Jakarta – Indonesia and I had many things to do, including moving to my new apartment, and I still need to return to USA in one week so I haven’t had much time to post here.

Obviously there are a lot of things that I want to show here for you about the culture of this beautiful muslim country, and about the places that I like to go to surf or visit here, but today I want to talk about an accessory that women wear a lot here because of religious reasons, the HIJAB .

What is the HIJAB?

Hijab is referred to by various names, some of the most common of which are a veil or a headscarf. Most Muslims who wear the covering call it a hijab (حجاب), an Arabic word meaning “cover.”

Why do women wear Hijab?

Muslim women choose to wear the hijab or other coverings for a variety of reasons. Some women wear the hijab because they believe that God has instructed women to wear it as a means of fulfilling his commandment for modesty. For these women, wearing hijab is a personal choice that is made after puberty and is intended to reflect one’s personal devotion to God.
In many cases, the wearing of the hijab is also used to challenge Western feminist discourses which present hijab-wearing women as oppressed or silenced.

While some women might choose not to wear the hijab, most Muslim women agree that it is a woman’s choice whether or not she wears the hijab. Many Muslim and Arab women who have chosen not to wear the hijab are often staunch advocates of a woman’s right to choose to veil.

Is the HIJAB mandatory in Muslim countries?

Although wear or not the Hijab is a women’s choice, some countries like Iran require Muslim and non-Muslim women wear the Hijab. A few countries like Morocco and Indonesia are not so strict about dress codes, although it’s always important to wear modestly, respecting their cultures and religion.

Here in Jakarta the HIJAB is optional and muslim women can decide either they want or not to wear it, non muslim women are not required to wear, but in respect of their religion I don’t feel comfortable to wear the clothes that I like to wear in United States, like small shorts and tiny dresses. I prefer to wear more modestly, but this is my personal choice, here you can wear as you want, but it’s always good to remember that you are in a Muslim country.

Some people ask me about BALI, how can JAKARTA be more conservative and Bali liberal if both are in a Muslim country?

Though Bali is multi-religious, consisting of Christian, Muslim and Buddhist minorities, the predominant religion is Hinduism. Balinese Hinduism, called Agama Hindu Dharma, originated from Java and is a blend of Shivaism and Buddhism.

Because of this, the laws and the dress code can change accordingly which Island of Indonesia are you located.

Fashion and the Hijab

I’ve noticed that there is lots of muslim girls who wear the Hijab in a very beautiful way, matching it with outfits and making their own fashion style. These women are very powerful and there is nothing fragile about them, actually the Hijab makes them very classy and it’s part of their beauty.

I made a selection about a few muslim bloggers that I follow on instagram and you will love to check their styles as well:

1 – With Love, Leena @withloveleena

Leena lives in Texas, United States. I love her style because she knows how to wear cool and classy outfits.

2 – Habiba da Silva @lifelongpercussion

Habiba is a blogger and youtuber, and she is half Brazilian, half Lebanese and born in UK. I love the way she does her daily make up.

3- Melanie Elturk @hautehijab

Melanie is the founder of Haute Hijab, a hijab brand that is very cool and modern.

4- Ruba Zai @hijabhills

Ruba is based in the Netherlands. she is very famous for her style and she is also a model and influencer.



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