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Tips about what to do in Los Angeles in a 3 day trip!


Los Angeles is undoubtedly one of the most cosmopolitan cities I have ever been to. Here you can belong to any crowd you want, there will always be a room for you and your hobbies in this amazing city. You don´t have to be ashamed to wear those jeans that your grandma bought in the summer of 1945 and gave to you last year, or that Lady Gaga boots that you love to wear at home. Just mix it all up and get ready to be happy because if there is a place in the world that you won´t be judged, it’s here.

In Malibu you will find the surfers crowd, and if you want to join them you can basically live in a van and wake up with the dolphins singing in your ears, in Beverly Hills you can join the socialites and you guys can go to the world’s best spas, pet shops, plastic surgery clinics, and restaurants, not to mention the shops where will find special treatments for you . But if you are a modern person who loves fashion and Instagram pictures, you will love Venice beach, where you will find several colorful walls and obviously pose for photos wearing sneakers, dresses and boyfriend jackets, just be aware of the big lines of people trying to do the same thing as you. In Santa Monica you will find the healthy crowd, if you would love to practice yoga on the beach, and also participate of gym classes listening your favorites DJ´s performing live in the studio, that’s your place.

Many friends ask me tips about what to do in the city of angels, and my answer is always the same, it all depends on which social group you belong to, or what kind of trip you would like to do. But often people come to LA for only a short time and they don´t have time to do so many things.

Because of this I decided to make a script of places to visit in LA in a 3 day trip! I know it seems impossible, but I tried to merge the places that everyone would like to visit here.


Perhaps one of the most touristic places here, the Santa Monica pier has local shops, restaurants with a beautiful view and a small but fun amusement park. If you want to impress that crush that you brought with you to your calitrip, take him to the Ferris wheel.

You can have a romantic afternoon watching the sunset on the Ferris wheel, taking your  family to lunch, or pretending you’re just accompanying the kids as an excuse to have lots of fun through the kids games in the park.


Whether you are a wine connoisseur or a TMZ follower, you’ve probably heard about this fantastic Japanese restaurant. The view looks like an art, and it is possible to eat your sushi watching the dolphins playing in the sea in front of you,  not to mention their incredible menu prepared for their special clients.

By the way talking about special clients, if you want to literally dine with celebrities, or even take the risk of being photographed by a paparazzi, this is where you really need to go.


That’s where anything can happen. You’ll be surprised by people dancing with snakes, some leading the audience into delirium by showing how to get carried away in a chair (sometimes they forget to hide the stick that holds the chair and you will feel very upset when you find out that it´s all fake), marijuana shops here are legalized, and they have employees dressed in all green jumpsuits to remind you that yes, you are in Snoop Dogg´s city.

You can eat in one of the many vegan restaurants, drink a protein smoothie made by locals, ride a motorized scooter that works like an Uber that you activate it directly by your phone, run on the boardwalk or drink with friends in one of the bars over there.


Just to think about Rodeo Drive I’m already opening my wallet. Just out of curiosity this was the first place I went when I arrived in Los Angeles for the first time, actually I think every woman wants to be Pretty woman at least per one day right? (I love Julia Roberts, lol)

It’s right here at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel that the movie Pretty woman was filmed, with our diva Julia Roberts and the handsome Richard Gere. In addition to visiting this wonderful hotel, you can stroll through the famous shops of Beverly Hills’ most famous street, have a coffee in one of the numerous and delicious coffee shops around, and I have a good tip to make up the fact that at this point you already spent all your money here, parking is free for two hours in almost all of the parking lots around! (I am the one who thinks that just because parking is free, it was worth the 1 million spent in a purse lol).


I swear I was going to skip this part, but you guys would never accept. Are you prepared for the truth? Its official name is HollyWEIRD. All the glamour that you see on the tv shows about Hollywood is not true. The reality we see here is a lot of street vendors selling fake stuff through the streets, it´s almost impossible to take a photo in your favorite actor´s name at the hall of fame without being kicked by a tourist who is in a hurry trying to do the same thing as you, and not to mention that the traffic is hellish.

But despite all the bad part, Hollywood will always be the landmark of the cinema and it is impossible to come to Los Angeles and not even go to visit the museum Madame Tussauds where you can take photos with several celebrities like Britney Spears and Brad Pitt and make a prank with your grandmother by saying that you actually met them in Los Angeles.

in the world!

6 – UCLA

Despite having a Trojan heart (USC), I know that UCLA is California’s most famous university. Who would not want a sweat shirt with the initials of UCLA to wear in your country and feel like a California girl? UCLA is the public university of Los Angeles, and has a giant campus where you can walk around and feel the vibe of that place.

7 – Downtown LA

You cannot go to Los Angeles without visiting Los Angeles! Downtown is basically the heart of Los Angeles. Despite the innumerous social problems such as the huge number of homeless people living on the streets, prostitution and other stuff, Downtown is like any big city but here you feel like you are in NYC. The buildings are huge and the advertisements are all over the place. The bars are very moderns and because of the USC (University of Southern California), Downtown has an amazing people and sophistication.

I hope you guys like it!

Jessica Guimaraes



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