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Welcome to my world!



After spending months working on this project  it’s finally ready! 

I present to you my blog and my Youtube channel, that I will launch in a few days, which are ways that I founded to share my daily life between the US and Asia, as well as incredible trips where I want to show  different cultures and especially the way people dress according to their cultures and religions. 

My name is Jessica Guimaraes and I am Brazilian living between the US and Asia and oftentimes traveling the world.

Because of all this cultural diversity that I live and my passion for fashion, the idea came to show the different ways that people from distinct cultures religions and tastes dress and how to use fashion trends in an accessible and incredible way!

Also because of my experience around the world I ended up meeting lots of people with amazing stories so I decided to interview them in order to show you amazing things about their lives. So in the category interviews we will have people that are not famous but with nice projects, people who are already famous and already have an audience that would like to know more about them, celebrities, businesspeople, sportspeople and the most important one: people from different cultures showing their way to live their lives. 

The category “Press” is about my work as a businesswoman in the fashion world through publications in magazines, newspaper or web and about my daily work linked to the environment protection. 

Also, the “make up” category is where I will interview renowned make up artists around the world, and show a little bit about this passion, as well as techniques to get a perfect look! 

I love to work out, but yoga is what makes my heart beat stronger, so I dedicated an entire space to show my daily practices plus show you guys how are my yoga retreats in Southeast Asia.

I have lots of great ideas but I will love even more to know what you would like to see here!

Please don’t hesitate to send me an email with suggestions.

Thank you and see you on the next posts!

Jessica Guimaraes

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