The textile museum of Jakarta – Indonesia, the lovely place!

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The textile museum of Jakarta

The textile museum of Jakarta – Indonesia, the lovely place!
The textile museum of Jakarta – Indonesia, the lovely place!


Living between the United States and Indonesia may seem a bit crazy, specially for a brazilian girl, but one of the things that shocked me most at the beginning of this long journey was not about the almost 30 hours in planes nor the jet lags that I feel after each trip and seem to last forever, but the cultural difference and all the magic of the Indonesian culture.

Well, I’ll start by talking briefly about the reason for this whole journey. The year was 2016 and during a vacation trip to Los Angeles I met the man who made me want to leave my beloved country Brazil and became a student in United States (I’ll do later some posts about my journey in United States, where I live today), and that 3 years later would make me travel more than 25 hours just to spend a few days together.

Those long flights made me think about many things, and I was very curious about discovering a new culture. I was fascinated about different religions and I really wanted to learn about their cuisine. My journey through Indonesia its a mix of different places, people, religions, many experiences and lots of yoga.

I will divide these chapters among some posts that I will call Indonesia, the lovely place.


The year was 2018 and I had just arrived for the first time in Jakarta, a huge Muslim city, and of course the capital of Indonesia. A place full of cheerful and friendly people! We were in one of the best areas of the city in an apartment with an amazing view. During a fast taxi ride we could see the heavy traffic and the economic disparity in the city. Just in front of our complex there was is a luxury shopping mall.

In search of people who speak English or Portuguese (the language spoken in Jakarta is Indonesian Bahasa), I went on facebook and I met a group of Brazilian expatriate women in the city. They put me in a whastapp group where I met my beloved friend Marília.

Like me, Marília loves fashion and art, so we decided to go to the textile museum in Jakarta. Having google translator as our best friend in order to talk to taxi drivers, we went there and we found out about the BATIK textile technique.

The word Batik is derived from the word AMBATIK, which translates to “a cloth with small dots”. These points are made with wax and a special brush, and of course, a lot of technique.

Inside the museum there is a center to teach the technique, and we decided to take a class, and the result was lots of laughs! Haha ha. If you love fashion and art you really need to visit the textile museum of Jakarta, it is incredible to travel in the cultural immensity hidden behind every piece of art exposed as well.

Here are some photos about this day:

Hope you like it!


Jessica Guimaraes



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