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Who is Jessica Guimaraes?

Jessica Guimaraes is a fashion entrepreneur and designer in Brazil. Born in Sao Paulo, raised in Brasilia, and having grown up in 14 cities throughout the world, she had developed a love for fashion, beauty and social responsibility.

Through her lens, Jessica takes you to some of the most unique and exotic places throughout the world (Southeast Asia, South America, the Caribbean) to see trends in culture, fashion and lifestyle.  She compares these lifestyles and cultures with the United States and Brazil. She believes culture and fashion is diverse yet distinctly alike – with the belief that fashion in societies want to be seen.

Jessica brings vast array of knowledge in the fashion and design industry. After studied a few years in the architecture school, she has collaborated with Michael Kors and developed her own Haute Couture brand in South America.


To pitch a brand/product, please drop an email at jessica@jessicaguimaraes.com